Tim Miller says Misty Cummings “failed miserably” both a polygraph and a voice analysis test. She failed to cooperate with a hypnosis session. And, inadvertently managed to reveal what had happened to Haleigh Cummings.

First Coast News has reported that real movement has taken place in the Haleigh Cummings tragedy.

First, Misty with her sketchy accounts of what took place the day that Haleigh disappeared has finally lawyered up . Misty Cummings new attorney is Robert Fields. Following the lead of Cindy and George Anthony, Misty almost immediately refused to follow her lawyer’s advice.

Misty Cummings has been talking with Tim Miller of Texas Equusearch. And, against the advice of her attorney, Misty agreed to take a private polygraph test that was set up by Tim Miller. In Misty’s handwritten statement, she with reportedly only a 7th grade education exhibited both poor penmanship and spelling skills.

Admittedly, a polygraph test with only four questions is highly questionable. What kind of a sham polygraph test has only four questions? There should have been at least 30 questions asked, especially neutral questions, such as what is your name. The key questions should have been repeated three or four times, from slightly different angles. Looked like to me, that Tim Miller was deliberately trying to trash Misty from the very start with this sham of a polygraph.

Still Tim Miller in his side comments revealed some very important information, as to what happened to Haleigh. Misty according to her own comments was in a dream like state. Up to four persons took off with Haleigh. Which, of course, strongly suggests a drug connection. In other words, at some point during the night, Misty Croslin was in a semiconscious drug state which created the opportunity for a group of people to take off with Haleigh. Knowing how tight lipped PCSO has been, and their lack of interest in Tim’s efforts, this is probably what Misty had told them from day one.

So, who is more responsible for the lack of progress? Misty: the drugged out, druggie or PCSO: a group of professionals who are supposed to know what they are doing? I ask again: What is PCSO’s problem? Why didn’t the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office run with a drug connection investigation from day one, when Misty is a well known drug user?