Teresa Neves and her attorney Mark NeJame brought renewed national attention to the Haleigh Cummings tragedy on the CBS Morning Show.

Police say that the fathers new wife could hold the key to solving this mystery. The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office has said that Misty’s story does not add up. Physical evidence on the scene contradicts what Misty told police. And that according to Jeff, Misty was not being fully honest with the police investigators.

Both of them need to stop being so evasive, indifferent, and emotionless on camera. If you cannot muster more angst than that, nobody else is going to get all workup about it either. For goodness sake, off camera Teresa Neves is near hysterical with grief, but given the opportunity to stick it to the knucklehead, Misty, who lost Haleigh under her watch; she acts as if it is perfectly okay for the little 17-year-old to withhold information from the police.

All roads are pointing to Misty. Police say that it was NOT a stranger abduction. Who else could it have been, if it was not Misty? It is about time that Teresa Neves got mad at the person who lost Haleigh Cummings. Apparently from her performance on the CBS Morning Show Teresa finds Misty not putting an ounce of effort into resolving all of her many inconsistencies as to what happen the night that Haleigh disappeared under her watch, perfectly acceptable.

Good grief! When asked about physical evidence at the scene that contradicted Misty’s sketchy account of her evening activities, Mark could not even recount the LE comment about the DVD player not being hooked up to their television set, as in how could the children watch different movies on DVD, if the player was not even hooked up?

Haleigh has been gone six months. Perhaps, it will take another six months before Teresa and Mark might actually get mad at someone? Unbelievably, Jeff Glor seemed more concerned about Misty than they did.