A number of important events took place on Haleigh Cummings sixth birthday. Besides Ronald Cummings’ balloon release, Mark NeJame’s press conference was covered by the local news media, and the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office issued a new press release.

The much awaited news conference of Mark NeJame and Tim Miller took place and appears to have been covered by the local press. It consisted of Mark NeJame, Tim Miller, Teresa Neves, and Ronald Cummings. The Ronald Cummings family by way of Teresa Neves requested the services of Mark NeJame. Mark wont be representing any of the Cummings family individually, just the search itself that will be conducted by some 50 members of Texas EquuSearch that wont be taking place for another two months.

The press conference strongly suggested that Teresa Neves was at the point where she was interested in Texas EquuSearch recovering the remains of Haleigh Cummings because she was frustrated with the progress being made by PCSO. Further, Mark NeJame said point blank that LE never asked Tim Miller to leave Putnam County.

Putnam County Sheriff’s Office in their previous press release on June 5th had stated:

“No suspects were identified as a result of this meeting, and no persons were eliminated.”

On Haleigh’s birthday press release the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office stated a number of things. Both of Haleigh’s biological parents “are not considered to be suspects in the case.” That Misty was all but fingered as the primary person of interest who held “important answers in the case.”

Sheriff Hardy urged “anyone that is assisting, or who wants to assist, to be cautious to stay within the bounds of their authority as they pursue their activities.”

Which I read as an explicit threat to all Cobra types, Texas EquuSearch, and everbody else from outside of PCSO that they will bust your ass the first wrong move that you make.

“Sheriff Hardy cautions that because there are many who claim to be valid media outlets, that citizens should be careful not to fall into the trap of believing, or by accident spreading, the untrue and unreliable claims and assumptions of many bloggers who claim to be knowledgeable in the case.”

A number of media outlets in response have been questioning exactly what is Putnam County Sheriff’s Office problem? I would add, that it is about time that Putnam County convenes a grand jury to determine whether or not Misty should be prosecuted for obstructing justice and endangering a child.