All the news about Ronald Cummings getting busted got snubbed on Simon Barrett’s latest show that was all about Cobra.

Simon Barrett on Blog Talk Radio today turned into yet another major disappointment. You would have thought that Ronald Cummings’ recent arrest would have been the major topic of discussion. Nope! It was hardly mentioned at all.

Simon thought that the bit about the burglary did not make a lot of sense, while Cobra confirmed that it indeed was the law in Florida. Whoopie Doo Cobra, for your fantastic legal analysis.

I am sorry, but 49 of our 50 states supposedly have their criminal law legal system based upon English Common Law. And, under English Common Law sticking your hand inside of an open motor vehicle is positively NOT Burglary, plain and simple, under any stretch of the imagination. Even if the State of Florida wants to muddy the waters with their totally stupid burglary law.

With TJ Hart being absent from all but the last 15 minutes of the Blogger Talk Radio Broadcast, the show quickly turned into being all about Cobra rather than Haleigh.

Allegedly, a family relative of KP, with the name of Don called in and claimed that somebody had said the wrong thing to the wrong person. Subsequently, KP allegedly went on the war path against Cobra. Well, all that is very well and good, but it is really ancient history as far as I am concerned.

Cobra went into more dirt that was supposedly going on behind the scenes in Putnam County, Florida. Cobra was being accused of new stuff. That the Sheriff was being attacked by factions within his own department who wanted the Sheriff’s job. And, how Cobra would eventually take legal action against the people who had been wronging him.

All of which to me, says that LE deserves a much earned vote of no confidence.

The Don caller ended up fingering a specific pedophile when Tj Hart had finally managed to call in, near the end of the show. Another female caller had said that their primary suspect who they thought had allegedly abducted Haleigh had been identified by them with “remote viewing.” Well, I am sorry. I believe in the laws of physics. Remote viewing is code for Looney Tunes and living in la-la land. That theory holds about as much credibility as Little Green Men from Mars taking off with Haleigh does. To be blunt, anybody who takes remote viewing, UFO’s, psychics, or ghosts seriously is a few beers short of a six pack.

On the positive side, Simon finally got mad on his show and started moderating callers by hanging up on them. On BNN, he was so vicious with his comments, that I am dedicating this post to Simon Barrett. I was seriously considering not posting at all on his crappy non-news show about Cobra, until I read his latest rant on BNN.

Of course, not one word was said about the “real kicker” that was supposed to be on Simon’s show today regarding a Miami police officer who had allegedly shot somebody dead on police video, and who four days later managed to kill another unarmed 29 year old.

Ronald Cummings Addendum

I do NOT apologize for my above comments. Who ever classified the Blogger News Network as a source of news in Google is seriously delusional.

There were only two news stories last week that were remotely related to Haleigh. The main one related to Ronald was effectively ignored by Simon’s panel, probably because they basically are not a source of news information. While Tj Hart probably could have said something, I have absolutely no doubt that it would just have been a total rehash of what we already knew and how great LE is.

The story about Haleigh’s birthday celebration was bungled when Simon got who was sponsoring the balloon release totally wrong. Another deliberate snub of Ronald? Let us see, two separate events. Gee, wouldn’t that suggest two separate families? Apparently, not if you did not put an ounce of effort into “responsible journalism.” A blogger I certainly am, but I am not the one claiming to be a source of news information.

To quote Simon: “All you need is a computer and a stupid idea and ‘you got news.” I would add in Simon’s case all that you need is a microphone. Since the news value of this Blog Talk Radio show is total rubbish. I wont be wasting another 90 minutes of my life on more blogger nonsense.

Time to move on: LE blew this case from day one. All that LE is interested in at this point is in protecting their own jobs.

The only person who had any potential of finding out what had happen to Haleigh was Cobra. Crystal Sheffield’s obsession with getting custody not only failed, but destroyed any possibility of recovering Haleigh thanks to the antics of KP. Nor, did her garbage about a black person help any.

If anything does manage to break on this story, it will be covered by the main stream media. Or in other words, from a source that actually reports news stories rather than mere blogger nonsense masquerading as news.

Misty was attracted to Ronald because he had a high paying job as a crane operator. Now that Ron is in the poor house, it will be only a matter of time before their marriage fails. Get Misty apart from Ronald Cummings, and there is always the possibility that one will rat out the other.