With great reservation, I just tuned into the archives of the
latest Simon Barrett Haleigh Cummings Caylee Anthony Update on Blog Talk Radio. The real kicker of the show came in the last five minutes of the archive, which probably was not even broadcast on the live airing of the show.

This time I struggled through the archive player option which started over after about ten minutes because of some type of technical snafu on the archive itself. But, on the positive side Cobra finally came across loud and clear; perhaps because he was outside and on the street rather than inside a building? On the downside, both Simon and Jan came across way too soft in sound volume.

If it walks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck, then for all practical purposes it is a duck. Everybody has moved on from Haleigh Cummings. Simon appears to be doing his best to move on too, by filling up his 90 minute show with everything but Haleigh so that one day he can drop Haleigh entirely.

Next, week Simon Barrett apparently is going to somehow arrange for viewers on the computer to see a Miami police officer shoot somebody dead on video, who four days later managed to kill another unarmed 29 year old. Here, is the real kicker, Simon. This stunt has absolutely nothing to do with Haleigh Cummings.

Just like one commenter on this blog recently commented, Simon’s show seems to be more about Cobra than Haleigh. 😦

Sounded an awful lot like the lawyer John dude, somehow, managed to grab Cobra’s cell phone from Cobra in order to tell us about this Miami police problem. I do recall that on a previous show, Cobra had stated something about him leaving the Haleigh investigation behind in order to investigate this Miami police shooting.

Simon’s show started out by commenting on new evidence being released in the Casey Anthony case. Sorry, but I had previously already listen through 30 minutes of videos on this very topic. As a result, I was pretty well burnt out. There really was not enough new material here to dedicate a post to. It was just the panel, among others, who were wildly speculating about what Jose Baez is going to do when Casey Anthony finally goes to trial. Sorry, but as much as I hate Casey and her dream team, only Baez knows what defense strategy he is going to be using.

Sure, I could go on about Florida’s sunshine laws violating Jesse Grund’s privacy, Casey’s former fiance. But, what does that have to do with Haleigh Cummings?

Haleigh Cummings, Hmm … was Haleigh ever discussed on Simon’s show about Haleigh?

Tj Hart started out by saying that he had absolutely no intention of stating what he knew about the Haleigh Cummings investigation. After having been recently burnt, he was going to put some more work into the old fashion concept of journalism, where journalists are actually supposed to verify the sources of their information.

The panel then got into their usual self-love routine.

Next, Cobra related his latest tale of woe. Apparently, one female search dog trainer conducted a search with one dog. The dog was given Haleigh’s scent from one of her shoes. Something was found. Cobra was somehow implicated in concealing evidence, about a bloody glove, and car keys. At one point, the female searcher was on the phone and said that she felt that the entire search was a setup. Cobra did not think that the glove had any blood on it, or that it amounted to anything. He supposedly carried those car keys around in his car for three weeks. Cobra, however, did managed to match them up with their owner: Nay Nay. Supposedly, Nay Nay told Corbra that Amber Brooks (who currently is allegedly hiding out in Wise, Virginia) had lost them when she had borrowed her car.

Could this tale of woe, have been told in a more convoluted manner? In a Blog Talk Radio show supposedly about Haleigh Cummings, I hardly think so. Further this search is hardly news, since it seems to me that if Cobra had possession of Nay Nay’s car keys for three weeks, then the search must have likewise taken place some three weeks ago. And, what was all that about the whole thing being nothing but a setup? Further, there was some question as to whether or not the search dog was actually “certified” or whether the trainer merely thought that the dog knew how to search.

I thought that the real highlight of Simon’s show was the solving of the phantom music mystery, by Tj Hart. Seems that whenever Tj Hart took an outside call, he had put his cellphone on hold and played music in the background. The very person who had previously fell for an obvious email hoax, the person who keeps on praising the efforts of LE, finally figured out how to use his cellphone by the time that the show was over. Doesn’t that give everyone a lot of confidence in what Tj Hart is claiming about the efforts of LE?