The prosecution is starting to deposed their witnesses; starting with Cindy, George, and Lee Anthony in the criminal murder case against Casey Anthony.

Depositions are largely a waste of time. It is used by parties with lots of money to burn to find out what their own witnesses are going to say. And, that pretty much describes the State (ie, people with unlimited funds to burn on criminal trials). But, in the real world if you do not know what your own people are going to say at trial when you have identified them as a witness, then you basically have no idea what you are doing.

The Anthonys have been declared hostile by the prosecution. A party examining a hostile witness may question the witness as if in cross-examination, thus permitting the use of leading questions. In short, the prosecution views Cindy, George, and Lee Anthony as the enemy. Prosecutors are not nice people. They would convict a ham sandwich, if they could get away with it. A hostile witnesses should say as little as possible during a deposition. Certainly, you would never want to volunteer any information under any circumstances.

Has Cindy Anthony ever been known to act rationally? Cindy’s depositions took longer than expected, which resulted in George’s deposition being postponed till today. This strongly suggests that Casey’s mother was foolishly running her mouth as usual.

Baez explained why the questioning with Cindy Anthony and prosecutors on Wednesday took so long.

‘Once she gives answers, she likes to explain them and be as detailed as possible,’ he said. ‘That led to the length of time.'”

Thanks to Cindy’s mouth, between the Zenaida Gonzalez’s and the prosecution’s depositions there is going to be plenty of ammunition for the State to nail her on perjury charges, at Casey’s trial.

Today, both George and Lee Anthony are expected to complete their depositions.