Blogger Talk Radio has once again brought the circus to town. Members of Simon’s panel engaged in their usual folly of blaming everybody else, but themselves, for wasting the time of LE who are trying to conduct a Haleigh Cummings investigation.

The latest update by Simon Barrett on Haleigh Cummings is clearly targeted at the blogging community. So, why does Simon persist in talking about Internet stupidity, Blogosphere crap, and “law Enforcement being forced to waste valuable time and manpower on a wild goose chase?”

Obviously, Simon Barrett does not believe in the Maxim: Do NOT bite the hand that feeds you.

I mean really, which is worst: Cyber Paranoia, or Taking Cyber Paranoia seriously? Personally, I think that the latter is the greater sin.

Tj Hart proudly announced that he personally wasted the time of LE by taking a bunch of Cyber Paranoia seriously. Apparently, somebody had posted some type of an email hoax on some blog. Okay, Cyber paranoia happens. But, it was clearly the boob Tj Hart who foolishly wasted the time of LE.

Previously, Art Harris had ran after the anonymous benefactor in Texas getting hard copy documentation of payments; all because blogger Ksue had gone on and on with her cyber paranoia about Kim Picazio’s husband allegedly being the one paying Crystal the $12,000. No body on the planet is listening to Blog Talk Radio, Art. Clearly, the anonymous benefactor knew nothing of Ksue’s comment until YOU, yourself, tried to make it into a news worthy news story.

Well I am sorry Art, but you are the boob who wasted the time of the benefactor in Texas getting them all upset over absolutely nothing, NOT ksue.

I have a little tip for these so called professional news reporters. Stop blaming the blogging community for your own folly. A news professional should be smart enough to recognized fact, from fiction. If that is not clear enough, then please stop reading blogs for your source of news stories. You guys are clearly unable to recognize cyber paranoia, when you see it. You got to be really naive to believed an email hoax, fake emails from your bank, other email scams, or anything else seen on a blog, without first independently verifying it. In short, just because sh*t happens, doesn’t mean that you have to step in it. 😦

God gave both Tj Hart and Art Harris a brain, but left it up to them to use it. Their lack of professionalism of late is NOT the fault of the Blogosphere, IMHO.

Tj Hart, no body in the news knew anything about this email hoax until YOU, yourself, made it into a news story.

This is just my opinion, but I am never wrong.

The only thing news worthy reported on this edition of Blog Talk Radio was that LE had recently announced that the backdoor taken from Ronald Cummings’ mobile home is indeed in their possession. It was never lost, or misplaced by LE.

Simon’s panel is in love with themselves, and with each other, for sure. But, we already knew that.