Is anybody interested in the latest news on Haleigh Cummings? If so, then they are not likely to hear it on Haleigh Cummings Update hosted on the Blog Talk Radio show by Simon Barrett. His panel of guests seem more interested in patting each other on the back then in actually conveying the news. While Blogger News Network is listed as a news source by Google, it appears to be just another low quality gossip blog. A lack of movement in the case, sure is not helping either.

Simon Barrett’s latest Blog Talk Radio show on Haleigh Cummings managed to last another ninety minutes. While I am sure that it was entertaining to many, it was lacking more than a little bit in informational content.

While I might have missed it, I simply do not recall an update on the requested search of the green trailer. Could it be that a LE spokesperson off of Simon’s show said something to the effect that they were not going to engage in any more frivolous searches?

A regular female blogger that calls herself, ksue, apologized about a half dozen times for previously running afoul of both Tj Hart and Cobra concerning monies paid to Crystal Sheffield. And as at least one observer of Simon’s program has noted, she doggedly engaged in her usual incessant ramblings that could quite honestly be characterized as gossip and misinformation. True to form, ksue, remained totally oblivious as to “the problem” that the panel was heretofore moaning about. Simon Barrett despite his commentary on BNN was in no mood to moderate ksue. I recall watching a humorous movie about what happens to people when they come down with a case of “brain fog.” I wonder?

Cobra during the last 30 minutes of the show basically announced that he was no longer going to be directly investigating the disappearance of Haleigh Cummings. He was off working on another assignment that was paying money. Cobra went on to say that he has given all of his notes on Haleigh to a yet to be named investigator, who is not a bounty hunter. The reason given by Mr. Staubs was that he wanted to avoid any further conflict with Putnam County, LE. I am sure, however, that Cobra is going to continue to pontificate on the Haleigh Cummings investigation and will somehow claim involvement in it for the time being.

Art Harris has moved on. Ronald’s and Crystal’s attorney’s have moved on. Cobra has found a way to discretely extricate himself both from Putnam County and Haleigh.

Watch Cobra as he waves goodbye to Haleigh Cummings.