What ever happened to Haleigh Cummings? How could a small child vanish without a trace, so fast? Did anyone ever consider the possibility that a local sex pedophile abductor got rid of Haleigh by feeding her to hogs?

At approximately 5 minutes and 40 seconds of the above video, Tj Hart refers to metal hog pens being on a neighboring property with a green trailer.

Well perhaps I am the only one with brains on this case, but more than one crime victim on record has been disposed of by being fed to hogs. If any locals were actually raising hogs in the vicinity of the Cummings residence then the remains of Haleigh could well be long gone, while Misty was still trying to remember her “story”.

In an earlier Blog Talk Radio show Cobra mentions how land in Florida is radically different from most places in this country. People in the area of the Haleigh’s disappearance are literally walking on patches of swamp muck, with a 12 foot depth, that has a solid surface crust of perhaps six inches floating on top of it. Corba Stuabs mentions falling through once and narrowly getting out of his predicament. Gee, couldn’t a bad person have slipped Haleigh’s small body into a patch of 12 feet of hidden swamp which are available just about anywhere, some five months ago in Putnam County, Florida? Further, swamps have been known to give off a bad odor, that is perfect for masking the smell of a decomposing corpse, at least according to Roy Kronk (the person who found the remains of Caylee Anthony).

In other recent news, Ronald Cummings has been cleared in an child abuse investigation that was conducted by the Florida Department of Children and Families. Further, both Ronald Cummings’ and Crystal Shefield’s former attorneys on record are no longer representing them.

Did the lawyers resign, or where they fired? If I was a betting person, I would confidently say that both attorney’s found a convenient excuse to dump the freeloaders once they saw that the press had stopped the national coverage of the Haleigh Cummings tragedy due to the death of Michael Jackson. It is called follow the money. No free advertising provided by HLN, means NO free legal services. This is just plain everyday economic reality.

Rather than rejoice over the news, I would say that Haleigh’s parents are the victims of HLN dumping non-stop coverage of missing children in Florida.