On this one year anniversary of Cindy Anthony reporting Caylee missing, Leonard Padilla is once again in the news as Baez moves to block police interviews with the bounty hunter from being released.

According to WESH 2 News, Baez Wants To Block More Information From Being Released In The Anthony Case.

“For more than a week, Padilla’s employee Tracy McLaughlin essentially babysat Anthony in the Anthony home.

Padilla’s employees routinely drove her to and from Baez’s office. Padilla said Anthony was plenty chatty.

‘She would drop little statements when she was being driven back when she was with Tracy,’ Padilla said.

Baez filed the motion now because the statements from Padilla and his employees were due to be part of an evidence release from the state attorney’s office later this month.”

Will everyone now be fighting the release of “Padillaisms?” Perhaps, Leonard Padilla will finally have a good opportunity to fry Casey Anthony?

Even more alarming, in a related story WESH 2 News reported that:

“Anthony’s death penalty attorney Andrea Lyon is promising to file a motion to have the death penalty part of the case against Anthony thrown out before trial.”

Other motions:

Jose Baez and Dr. Andrea Lyon argued that the defense should not have to waste time and resources on a fraud case, while the capital case has yet to be tried. They offered a number of reasons for the delay, but none of them carried a whole lot of legal weight to them. Perhaps, Baez does not want to be defending a convicted felon come 2010?

The defense attorneys filed another motion that identified Equusearch founder Tim Miller as a material witness and subpoenaed all his records of searches that were conducted for Casey Anthony.