Nevaeh Buchanan was abducted on May 24th. She was later found dead alongside the River Raisin under a layer of concrete on June 4th. A little over one month later, her autopsy results have been released. The cause of death was ruled asphyxiation; the manner, homicide.

Local crime investigators have received only partial results of tests that the Michigan State Police crime lab conducted on evidence from the grave site. But, testing on Nevaeh’s body showed that she died after inhaling dirt.

There is no need to make the manner of death more gruesome than necessary. The killer apparently forcible pushed the child’s face into the dirt until she suffocated to death. As you may recall, the investigators originally claimed that somebody had poured concrete straight out of a bag on top of the body that had been placed into a shallow grave. No water had been mixed into it. This definitely suggests that the girl was not able to move around, at that point.