Lindsey Baum, who just turned 11, from the small town of McCleary, with a population of 1,500 people, mysteriously vanished the night of June 26th without a trace while walking from a friend’s house just four blocks away from her home.

Despite extensive searches made by local law enforcement, the FBI, and community members nothing new in the Lindsey Baum tragedy has turned up. Lindsey just turned 11 on July 7th.

On the CBS Early Show, that aired this Monday Lindsey’s father, Scott Baum, made another emotional appeal to anyone knowing her whereabouts, saying, “Please bring me my daughter home before I have to leave” for Iraq. His deployment to Iraq has already been delayed, giving the distraught father time to search for his missing daughter. The parents are divorced, with the father currently residing in Tennessee which is located far away from McCleary, Washington.