Simon Barrett’s July 12th update was rather uneventful with the much awaited for break through coming right after the radio talk show ended its broadcast. Tj Hart basically said that family members had told him that the Haleigh Cummings investigation was back to square one. This news had family members fuming.

As usual, I tuned into Haleigh Cummings – What Happened on Sunday afternoon, for the latest Simon Barrett update.

This Blog Talk Radio show really needs to get its sound technology under control. It is about time, Simon. Tj Hart’s voice comes across as blasting, while Cobra is always whispering. Thank goodness, I have a volume control knob on my keyboard. One second the sound is blasting, the next second you cannot hear what anyone is saying. Simon’s voice was equally low in sound volume. The consistently bad sound quality of Barrett’s radio broadcasts is more than a little ridiculous. Somebody needs to buy Cobra a headset for his cell phone, IMHO.

Apparently, Simon’s panel has a very hard time communicating what they actually know. Tj Hart was beating around the bush, babbling something about psychics finding a dead child on another older missing child case. Turns out that the real breaking news is that psychics and some members of Haleigh’s family have requested LE in the Haleigh Cummings case to conduct another search on a neighboring green trailer in a wooded area looking for the buried remains of Haleigh. This search has yet to take place.

Starting at approximately 28 minutes of the broadcast archive, Cobra got into his latest theory of about what happened to Haleigh. Misty had taken off that night with the children. She came back with them in their van that was parked in back of the double-wide trailer. Misty was the one who propped open the backdoor. She was lugging the children up the ramp to their bedroom, starting with junior. When Misty came back to the van to get Haleigh, she discovered that she was gone. Apparently Misty had made some kind of an audible commotion upon finding the little girl gone that was overhead by the neighbors.

My feelings about this are mixed. First of all, I do not think that Cobra or LE should be in the business of making excuses for Misty. If that is what happened, then Misty is the one who should have said so from day one. But, if this theory is correct then the investigation is indeed back to square one, with a stranger abduction entirely possible. Plus, I can now see a tie in to the psychics requesting a search of a neighboring green trailer.

References were made to expected breaking news, but nobody ever clarified what the breaking news was. Simon Barrett later in the evening posted the breaking news to BNN. So, I am incline to believe that Simon, Cobra, and Tj Hart knew more than they were saying. So, it makes me wonder why the need for all this unnecessary drama, if the search of the green trailer looking for Haleigh’s body is what they were referring to.

The show concluded with a bashing of bloggers and commenters on blogs engaging in sideshows that was apparently distracting them from finding Haleigh, by Simon’s panel of guests. My response is: Huh? Why in the world are Corba, Art, Simon, and Tj Hart giving blogs the time of day, let alone taking them seriously? I surely hope that Cobra was only joking when he suggested that his team was wading through tons of paper transcripts of blogs.