Did Misty give Corbra a sickening grin when he attempted to question her? Sky 97.3 FM radio had conducted an interview with the bounty hunter where Corba concluded that Misty was not interested in finding Haleigh. And, claimed that he was going to get Misty busted for both obstruction of justice and child endangerment.

Haleigh Cummings has been gone now for five months. Compared to Casey Anthony, the public’s interest in Haleigh Cummings has always been close to non-existent. Even Nancy Grace’s much awaited Friday and Monday show that was allegedly dedicated to Cindy Anthony has been dumped due to HLN’s non-stop coverage of Michael Jackson’s death. Is anyone in America, still interested in finding justice for Haleigh?

In the interview that was conducted with the bounty hunter on March 26, 2009, that is worth revisiting due to the lack of movement in the case, Corba had stated that he believed Misty was not home the night Haleigh Cummings disappeared.

In a related story, Simon Barrett reports that the previously scheduled Haleigh Cummings Round Table will not be meeting. In my opinion, this ill conceived decision could only be the result of one thing: The lack of press coverage on the Haleigh Cummings tragedy by HLN. Without NG and JVM keeping the story alive, there is no longer a pressing need for Putnam County LE to solve the case. Haleigh, no longer an embarrassment for Florida, will soon become just another cold case unless HLN decides to give this missing child some air time, now.