Simon Barrett is unofficially reporting that there is likely to be some news in the next couple of days on the Haleigh Cummings case, which might not break in time for his Blog Talk Radio show tomorrow afternoon. There are some interesting things going on. That are happening on several different fronts.

More rubbish on Haleigh Cummings, perhaps, but you might have noticed that Simon Barrett recently left a comment on this blog. Simon actually offered me the opportunity to join his panel tomorrow on his Blog Talk Radio show, which I graciously turned down. His panel will probably include Jan, Pickles, Tj Hart and of course Corba.

Incidentally, Art Harris also apparently left a comment on this blog a few months back.

You don’t know how much a fool somebody is, as they say, until they start opening their mouths. While many of you would have jumped at this opportunity, I am certainly no Art Harris or Corba. Nor, do I want to turn into one of those Cyber Paranoid blogger types that Art and Simon have been complaining so much about of late. While I am certainly interested in getting justice for Haleigh, I have nothing new to offer to the mix, other than my own opinion. Quite frankly, I have a very bad habit of ticking people off, when I tell them exactly what I think. I certainly do not need to be making any more enemies in my life, Cyber or otherwise.

Rest assured, I will certainly be tuning into Haleigh Cummings – What Happened tomorrow for the latest Simon Barrett update.

I have passed on this tip to you, given to me by Simon by private email. So, you should take it for what it is worth. It might pan out, or it might not. I could have told you a whole lot more. But, you are just going to have to stay tune, as Haleigh finally gets the justice that she so much deserves.

I do not live anywhere near Florida, so I am in absolutely no position to move the Haleigh Cummings case forward with original interviews, or other breaking news. Nor, do I have any desire to make enemies with the Cyber bloggers, Putnam County LE, Art, Simon, or Corba.