Simon Barrett says Blog Talk Radio does not have an economic model, or at least one that works. When everyone else has given up on Haleigh Cummings, this unashamed Brit, persistently reports on Haleigh Cummings every Sunday afternoon even if it is a Holiday weekend.

The July 4th holiday weekend 90 minute radio talk show is Barrett’s fourth program that I have listen to. Each show starts live at 4 pm Eastern Standard time. Anybody can call in and speak live or participate in an Internet chat room. The shows are streamed live. Archives are available for free and can be downloaded, starting about one hour after each show ends. While live streaming abruptly ends precisely after 90 minutes, the archives have an additional eight minutes or so of trailing comments made by the guests of the show.

Simon Barrett has been on Blog Talk Radio for some four years. He has a distinctive British accent, a wife Jan who always participates on the show, and lives in the state of Mississippi. Simon claims that over 30,000 viewers have listen to his talk shows on Haleigh Cummings.

Admittedly the audio quality leaves a little to be desired, but you soon will get used to the sound volume fading in and out. William Cobra Staubs in particular has a hard time keeping the volume on his cellphone turned up. And, there is a standing joke about Tj Hart of Sky 97.3 FM radio constantly having cellphone problems. Seems that Tj has a bad habit of taking calls during the show. And, often manages to get disconnected.

Where is Haleigh Cummings?

This week’s guests consisted of the Barrett’s, Denny Griffin, Cobra Staubs, and TJ Hart. (Haleigh Cummings – BNN Radio Sunday July5th 2009)

The show started out with a segment on a 30 year old cold case involving Chicago mobster Frank Cullotta. It was an interesting story about how a mobster allegedly murdered a bartender and his barmaid because he felt disrespected when the bartender had thrown out of his bar the X-wife of the mobster who was being unruly at the the time. Panelist Denny Griffin co-authored a book on the ex mobster Frank Cullotta. The bartender was somebody’s father. Griffin’s book in a round about way got the cold case from June 2nd, 1981 to be reopened.

There was a lot of off the wall stuff thrown out about the Haleigh Cummings disappearance, as usual. William Cobra Staubs reported that Nay Nay once again got busted, this time allegedly for Cocaine possession and for Cyber Stalking Kim Picazio. Cobra further went on with his position that he is being framed by Putnam county LE. And, a regular female blogger caller went on with her position that Kim has been up to no good all along and had some type of electronic confirmation of Kim’s alleged Cyber activities.

Find Haleigh Cummings Now

Corba claims to have been in all fifty states and 200 foreign countries, to have captured some 8,000 fugitives, and some 200 child molesters, and had recovered five missing children alive during his bounty hunting career. Yet, Staubs claims that this was the very first time that he has ever been arrested during the performance of his duties.

While it would be very easy to dismiss all their groundless accusations as pure rubbish and Cyber paranoia; I continue to be amazed at how an underage Misty appears to be able to run around Putnam County as if she owns the place. Justice in Putnam County apparently has a lot in common with Aruba. Surely babysitters have some type of legal responsibility to account for the whereabouts of the children that they were watching? If Misty cannot be busted for murder or abduction, then surely Putnam County should have been able to bust her for some type of lesser crime by now. So, I ask along with Corba why is Putnam County, Florida of all places giving him such a hard time for trying to locate Haleigh?

The truth of what is going down will be coming out soon. Stay tune to find out if the regular William Cobra Staubs to Simon Barrett’s Blog Talk Radio ends up suddenly disappearing.