Remember Haylee Donathan? She was placed in danger on May28th by her own mother, Candace Watson, who had fled from authorities with Haylee; when she impulsively ran off with convicted sex offender Robbi Potter. So, what ever happened to precious little Haylee Donathan?

Haylee Donathan – Never Missing

First there was Caylee, then Haleigh, and now Haylee. What is it with all these phonetically similar names? Haylee was never missing, nor was an amber alert originally issued for her because she was never abducted by a stranger.

Haylee Donathan was victimized by her own mother. Out of concern, Mary Watson, Haylee’s grandmother, was able to obtain temporary emergency custody of the child on June 19th in order to facilitate the issuance of an Amber Alert.

The fugitives from justice were later caught on June 23rd at a Christian ranch as a result of billboards being placed in the Los Angles area. Potter was being sought by the U.S. Marshals Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force, which had offered a $10,000 reward for him. He recently escaped from a halfway house on the same day that the mother and her child disappeared from Mansfield, Ohio.

In addition, the fugitive love birds were actually reported to have visited a Wild Animal Park together just before their capture and arrest. So, Haylee might not have been in danger at all.

Potter was booked into federal custody on a federal fugitive warrant without bail. Watson was booked into Vista Detention Facility on an Ohio state warrant, with her bail set at $500,000.

It has never been clearly clarified if the billboard reportedly seen in the Los Angles areas was an electronic billboard that was made possible only by the very late in coming amber alert.

Haylee Donathan is in foster care

Despite all the Mary Watson, temporary emergency custody nonsense, reportedly Haylee is currently in foster care according to Edith Gilliland, an attorney for Children Services.

Edith went on to say that “Richland County Juvenile Court has assumed jurisdiction of the case. They’ll be determining what’s in the best interest of the child.”

Apparently keeping Haylee Donathan away from her bizarre family has been determined to be what is best for the child. Her mother will undoubtedly serve a lot of time in jail for helping Potter to escape from a halfway house. Two of Mary Watson’s children have been in trouble with the law. Cyle Watson, her mother’s brother, is serving eight years in prison for a probation violation and has a prior conviction for the rape of a 12-year-old girl.