On the day that Michael Jackson died Fox News got creamed in the ratings, because they attempted to cover news stories that deserved to be covered, while CNN won by covering Michael Jackson every minute of the day, for 48 hours. Art Harris on Blog Talk Radio, recently tried to explain the reason for HLN and other news organizations, giving Michael Jackson so much air time over Haleigh Cummings. Quite frankly, I do not think that Michael deserved all the attention, even if his death attracted more eyeballs.

Simon Barrett ran a Haleigh Cummings Update, talk show on June 28, 2009. At approximately 37 minutes and 30 seconds into the show, Art Harris started responding on life in the big city, or Why the Michael Jackson news story was hogging so much air time.

The following is my own feeble attempt at making a transcript of the conversation. Please excuse any errors that I might have inadvertently introduced. My transcript might not be in its final form, and may be updated.

Michael Jackson – Who Cares?

Why Michael Jackson’s Death, Got all the attention

Art Harris: “It was a news kind of thing. Michael Jackson was a little bigger. And, if something had been found you can guarantee that it would have been on there.”

Male voice: Yeah!

Female voice: Yeah, but we know that Michael Jackson is dead, we do not know about this poor little girl.

Art Harris: “Well, I am sorry, but you are not living in the real world if you do NOT think that Not Michael Jackson … is not going to take precedence.”

Male voice: I love Micheal to death, but this little girl needs some attention.

Art Harris: “Absolutely, but I am just saying that you are not living in reality if you do not understand that News Directors and rating concerns. It is the biggest celebrity death, in I do not know in how long. It is going to take an elephant to get that off the front page and off the air ways.”

TJ Hart briefly talked about HLN and the ratings wars between Fox News and CNN.

At approximately 39 minutes and 50 seconds into the show, Art Harris managed to make a very revealing statement.

Art Harris: “What TJ is saying, you know, is absolutley right. It is not who deserves to be on, who we would like to see covered. Becuase it may lead to a littel child being found. In the economic model, you got to go where the eyeballs are, so that you can afford to cover the cases and stories that deserve it.

Whether Art Harris actually intended to finally say what he had ended up saying, I do not know, but I am definitely of the opinion that the death of Michael Jackson did not deserve all the attention that it got in the news, and is currently still getting, even if all the news services covering his death are winning the ratings war.

Haleigh Cummings – A Story that Deserves It!

You know what. I do not love Micheal to death. I am sick and tired about seeing nothing but Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson, and yet more Michael Jackson on HLN.

I agree with Corba: “Put some air time on this girl, right now.”