The weekend came early this week because Michael Jackson died. And, all other news was completely shut out for far too much of the day. Michael Jackson died, but who cares? I know that I do not.

I took a holiday from HLN last night since it was quite obvious that absolutely nothing news worthy was going to be covered. So I watched long enough to see that even Art Harris got in on the act. One of Michael Jackson’s lawyers was slobbering all over poor Nancy Grace. Jane appeared to have been covering Jackson’s death on the scene.

Okay, Michael Jackson died quite unexpectedly. So, what? He was no JFK. When Kenndy was shot, I spent most of the day being numb. But, for Michael Jackson it was … Oh, how strange. If I remember him at all, it will be for his earlier work before he got strange on us. And, who could forget all of his sex pedophile antics?

The death was rather bad timing on Michael’s part with his 50 million dollar European come back tour already thirteen weeks behind schedule. I wouldn’t doubt at all, that his untimely death resulted from a lethal combination of prescription medication.

Michael Jackson can be added to the very long list of super rich celebrities who were totally incapable of dealing with life. Michael Jackson had nobody to blame for his health problems, but himself for dying at the young age of 50. The guy intentionally changed his appearance over the years to the point, where he had next to no face left. Micheal was use to blowing off money faster than anybody else that I have ever seen. So, obviously he was in the position to buy the best of care, health and otherwise. Michael Jackson was reportedly taking prescription medication in excess.

My concern is that the headline news for a quite while will now be the fight over Michael Jackson’s children and money, reminiscent of Anna Nicole Smith, and perhaps even prosecutions for the enablers of Michael Jackson’s prescription drug habit.

Is there any hope, now, for finding the killer of Nevaeh Buchanan? Will missing Haleigh Cummings ever be found? I fear that unless something quite remarkable happens on these stories, all the missing children will now conveniently be forgotten by HLN.