It should have been a good day. Haylee Donathan was found safe on Tuesday, June 23, 2009. There was a lot to be happy about. But, not if you are Nancy Grace. Then it is just another opportunity to make a long series of Crude, Rude, Obnoxious, and just plain Stupid comments to your guests.

Nancy Grace

Crude, Rude, Obnoxious & Stupid Comments

At approximately minute 2 of the above video; Nancy started to make a long series of Crude, Rude, Obnoxious, and just plain Stupid comments to at least three of her guests.

Nancy asked her guests “why” and jumped all over them when they foolishly answered with an intelligent response.

NANCY GRACE: “To Caryn Stark, psychologist joining us out of New York. Caryn, are these women so desperate for love they`ll even get in bed with a tier-three sex predator with their little girl?”

CARYN STARK, PSYCHOLOGIST: “Absolutely, Nancy. They are desperate for love and they are willing to sacrifice their children. That`s the most heinous part of this, is that they don`t feel good about themselves. They don`t know what to offer up to a man and so they are willing to offer up a child.”

GRACE: Caryn — “put Dr. Stark back up. So your rationale is she doesn`t feel good about herself. Do you think we care about her self- esteem? Putting — I don`t find it laughable. Putting a baby at risk?”

Here, Nancy Grace asked Caryn Stark a leading question. When Caryn followed her lead with a perfectly valid and rational reply, the bully attacked her with some stupid comment about not caring about the mother’s self-esteem and putting her baby at risk, totally ignoring Caryn’s comments about it being a “most heinous” act. Nancy, were you on drugs?

Nancy Grace – I don`t find your lunacy laughable.

More Crude, Rude, & Obnoxious Comments

I can make my own series of Crude, Rude, and Obnoxious comments about the HLN coverage of Haylee Donathan, in general. Haylee was never at any point missing. Classifications happen to have meaning. Sorry, but Haylee Donathan was never ever missing. Haylee was a lot of things. The child was in danger. She was clearly the victim of her mother who was intent upon committing suicide, in more ways than one. But Haylee was always in the custody and control of her own birth mother, who was basically just fleeing from the law. Ergo, Haylee Donathan was never ever missing. HLN’s persistent abuse of the meaning of “missing” clearly explains why the Number of Children Reported Missing Is Bogus.

Haylee Donathan was no more missing than Daniel Hauser, the 13-year-old Minnesota boy with cancer was, who took off to Mexico with his mother. To have called Haylee missing was an affront to all children who have actually been abducted by a stranger. So, I ask both Nancy Grace and Jane Velez-Mitchell when will you talk show host clowns be making a public apology to all the missing children? Amber alerts refer to very specific types of emergencies, for a reason.

Despite a member of the law enforcement community kissing-up to them, Haylee Donathan was actually found because of an Amber Alert billboard that was put up in the Los Angeles area. The endangered little girl was found because the law enforcement authorities acted rationally, all along. Maybe both Jane and Nancy should look up the definition of “missing children” in the dictionary?