Jennifer Buchanan, mother of deceased Nevaeh Buchanan, just does not get it. It is not about her. It has always been about Nevaeh Buchanan. And, how Jennifer could have easily avoided her tragic death, if only she had been a more attentive mother.

In the aftermath of the Nancy Grace interview, Jennifer Buchanan still does not get it.

Where there it is. Nancy Grace was confused, and her confusion was getting Jennifer Buchanan’s Mom all confused. Jennifer was trying to tell Nancy what was actually going on, but Nancy just refused to listen to her wisdom.

Does Jennifer Buchanan get it? Or, is Nancy Grace just a bad communicator?

No quick arrests have been made in the murder of Nevaeh Buchanan. So, it looks like the murderer is still out there in the community of Monroe. Nor, does it look like the crime scene has provided the police with any easy answers.

Nancy Grace certainly provided no answers, but Jennifer just did.