Should George Anthony just shut up? I mean really: Enough is enough. Time to give it up. The Anthony’s appear intent upon making a laughing stock out of themselves. Crying on cue is NOT going to work, George.

I do not see any bombshell in the latest news about the release of the autopsy report on the tragic death of Caylee Anthony. A guest on Issues With Jane Velez-Mitchell said it quite well.

Beth Harris, Correspondent, In Session: “Well, first of all, the judge`s ruling comes as no surprise. The Florida constitution says public records must be public unless there is an exemption. There is an exemption regarding autopsy reports, but not the report: for photographs. They are not being released. So the decision comes as no surprise.

I was a little surprised the judge even entertained the motion. One could have argued that the Anthonys didn`t have standing. It is their daughter`s case and maybe was her motion to make.”

That pretty much sums it up. George Anthony had absolutely no business whatsoever trying to block the release of the autopsy report. While they could have presented a valid legal reason, their personal anguish certainly does not meet the test for blocking the release of an autopsy report.

Judge Strickland is certainly no Nancy Grace. I know plenty of judges who would have torn into George, just like Nancy loves to do on her show. It was just another opportunity to play toward the cameras. I agree with Beth: The motion should have been dismissed by the judge.

Jose Baez was NOT at all concerned with the release of the autopsy report. The reality is that everyone is going to have to wait at lease one year before the trial finally begins.

George Anthony did, however, managed to mention that the great-grandparents are still alive and were not taking the death of Caylee too well.