Tot mom Casey Anthony won her legal battle, as expected. No one will be able to publicly view the video of Casey Anthony having a meltdown in jail upon learning that Caylee’s remains had been found near her home, prior to the trial.

This should have been a no brainer for anyone who remotely follows legal proceedings. And, who is actually interested in Casey Anthony being convicted of murdering Caylee without any possibility of the jury decision being reversed upon appeal.

In Tot Mom Casey Anthony sees the judge, I correctly predicted the outcome of her attorney’s motion to block the release to the public of her hyperventilating and doubling over in jail. Just like I wrote before, the whole affair could have and should have been over in just 15 minutes.

There was never a need for any hoopla in the coverage of these legal proceedings. Nancy Gracy was just milking the emotions of the public for all that it was worth. That is called tabloid journalism. While other sources objectively covered the proceedings, Nancy appeared to have been on drugs every time she covered this story. In my opinion, she offered no valid legal insights into what was going on, whatsoever. The judge and the attorneys involved on both sides of the case, were playing to the cameras; as if there was any chance at all of the videos ever being released.

I am, also, predicting that this video wont be admissible during the course of the trial. Why? Because its prejudicial impact over shadows any evidential value in the extreme. This is just basic rules of evidence. The government is not going to spend millions of dollars for a trial just to have it reversed upon appeal. Anybody who says otherwise, either has mush for brains or is just trying to use you for ratings.