Today is the one year anniversary of Caylee Anthony’s meeting with her paternal great grandfather at the nursing home. It marks the last happy day in Caylee’s short life. A Caylee Anthony vigil has been planned for tomorrow.

On Tuesday at 6 p.m., dozens of people will be gathering at J. Blanchard Park for a Caylee Anthony vigil. Richard Grund, an ordained minister, will be leading the prayers. The vigil will conclude with a release of balloons and butterflies in honor of Caylee.

Fox News reported that the above precious home video of little Caylee Anthony reading her favorite book, “Supper Time with Frieda Fuzzy Paws,” was also recorded during the visit with her great grandfather one year ago, on June 15th 2008.

The get together at the nursing home was reported to have ended in a horrific argument between Cindy and Casey Anthony that precipitated the death of the child that was almost three years old. It was the last good day in happy Caylee’s life. And, the last opportunity that Cindy and George Anthony had to save her.