Could Ronald Cummings actually had nothing to do with the disappearance of his daughter? The Satsuma, Florida police have released virtually no information about their Haleigh Cummings investigations to the public. Art Harris has documented that police had previously collected some crime scene evidence at the very beginning of their investigations that tends to clear the father of all involvement in the disappearance of Haleigh Cummings.

According to this new information, just after Ronald Cummings had arrived home on February 10, 2009 early in the morning and before Misty called the police, the violent and angry Ron had punched the backdoor to their double-wide mobilehome with his fist out of frustration.

Art Harris Blog: “Ronald Cummings right fist appeared to be badly bruised after his daughter was reported missing at 3:27 am, Feb. 10. On the 911 tape, he sounds angry at Misty, and police tell me he was so upset his daughter was gone, he reared back and slammed his fist into a door.

‘He was upset when he got home, and when he got angry, he punched a door and busted up his knuckles,’ said Lt. Johnny Greenwood, spokesman for the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department in an exclusive interview with The Bald Truth, aka”

This newly disclosed information puts everything in a new light. I find it to be very credible that Ronald Cummings had indeed acted like a grieving parent. Why? Because Ron never went around bragging about how he had punched his backdoor. Not once did he point out anywhere that he had busted up his knuckles bad enough to cause bleeding.

Thus, Ronald Cummings was not involved with the disappearance of his daughter Haleigh, because he had acted like a grieving parent on the morning of February 10th, 2009 according to this new information that has been provided by Art Harris. Guilty people act guilty. And, nothing about Ronald’s behavior on that morning indicated that he was anything, but a genuinely grieving parent.

One should also take into consideration that Misty is the one who has been causing all the controversy.

At the time, Ronald Cummings was a crane operator for PDM Bridge, LLC. PDM, a major player in the bridge fabrication industry, is certainly going to be drug testing its employees. So, Ron couldn’t possibly have been taking drugs at the time without risking his high paying job.

Misty Croslin was reported by Art Harris as the one who had picked up Haleigh at the bus stop. Did Misty actually have a valid driver’s license? She was alleged to have been arguing about buying some bad drugs that Sunday, having just come off a three day weekend of drugs and sex; riding around with Nay Nay and Greg Page, aka White Boy Greg.

If Ronald Cummings is guilty of anything, he was a sap that was being played by Misty Croslin. If there was a drug connection to Haleigh’s Cummings disappearance Misty appears to be the one who was in the middle of it, because Ronald’s crane operator’s job required him to stay clean.