Nancy Grace recently interviewed Jennifer Buchanan, mother of deceased Nevaeh Buchanan. Or, should I say viciously attacked Jennifer for ratings? Proving once again that Nancy is not above taking advantage of people not familiar with her show. Nor, is she the least bit concerned about being sued over another potential suicide.

The May ratings say that Nancy Grace did the best May in HLN history. Maybe so, but HLN has absolutely no history. It was just created out of CNN Headline News a few months ago. So, I wouldn’t put anything past these ratings cretins, including lying about how well Nancy is actually doing. All I know is that last Saturday and Sunday they aired the same Part 1 and Part 2 of the Casey Anthony jailhouse interviews that they have already shown a million times before. You would have to be brain dead to watch this Nancy Grace garbage, one more time.

During the interview of Nevaeh’s birth mother Nancy Grace had a Kissy fit over whether it was dark or not, at 6:30 pm.

Nancy Grace, HLN Anchor: “You said 6:30. And then 30 minutes later, that puts it at 7. Isn`t that correct? You still haven`t seen your daughter. The daughter is gone. You said it gets dark around 8 or 9, yes? No?”

Jennifer Buchanan, Mother Of Nevaeh: “Nine, 9:30.”

Grace: “Oh. So now it doesn`t get dark until almost 10 p.m. That`s not true.

So your child is out. It`s been 30 minutes since you last saw her. Did you think, “Maybe I should check on my preschooler? See if she`s dead or alive?” I mean, did that cross your mind?”

Buchanan: “Uh, no, because I knew that she was upstairs at her friend`s house.”

The usual antics of Nancy Grace have put me in the awkward position of having to defend the mother from the vicious attacks of Nancy. It really depends on how you define dark. But, unless it was heavily overcast on that particular day it was most certainly not dark at 6:30 pm. And, just like the mother said it really doesn’t start to get dark until 9:00 pm. Unless of course, you are Nancy Grace where in her mind it obviously gets dark at 6:30 pm for the twins.

During a commercial break, the mother wisely walks off the show.

Still thirsting for blood, and with a few minutes left to kill, Nancy Grace turns her wrath upon the birth father viciously attacking him for not being there to protect his daughter, totally taking him by surprise.

Nice going Nancy: It is pretty obvious just what your audience must be interested in viewing.