Nancy Grace is back in the crime news reporting business. A fishermen reportedly discovers the body of Nevaeh, Thursday at noontime. Nancy Grace managed to report the breaking news on her show yesterday, while Jane Velez-Mitchell slept on Issues.

It was another ho hum day of reporting the Nevaeh Buchanan tragedy on Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell. I had made the big mistake of skipping the Nancy Grace show, entirely. Turns out that the lead story on Nancy was the reported discovery of Nevaeh’s body along the River Raisin, just seven miles from where she had disappeared.

NANCY GRACE, HOST: “Breaking news tonight. As we go to air, authorities in the search for 5-year-old Nevaeh Buchanan clear the airspace. They order the press two miles away from a local river. Has the body of little 5-year-old Nevaeh been found?”

On the positive side, I went to work happy and had a very productive day: All the while not knowing about the sad discovery of Nevaeh’s body.

Not much more was reported today on either Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell or Nancy Grace. Nancy was characteristically impatient with the speed at which the body was being positively identified. Grace, crime reporter, wanted to know what was taking so long with the dental records check.

Allow me to explain it to you, Nancy. The crime investigators were meticulously acting to preserve the crime scene and all the crime evidence. The sheriff couldn’t give a hoot about providing Nancy with more breaking news to report on.

Furthermore, the public badly needs a break while they take in the death of innocent Nevaeh Buchanan who was apparently abducted and then murdered by a sex predator. It is way too soon to expect the release of any more specific details on the Nevaeh Buchanan tradegy. Let us hope that the police will soon be able to make an arrest from all of the new crime evidence that has suddenly turned up.