Reports of children claiming that “Daddy George” stabbed Nevaeh in the stomach had initially led to George Kennedy’s motel room being searched. But the blood found was soon determined not to match Nevaeh Buchanan’s DNA. There is hope yet that Nevaeh, “heaven” spelled backwards, is still alive.

The initial leads appeared to have been bogus in this missing child case. No body was found in the woods. And, the blood did not match. The police are now looking for a green minivan thanks to tips from two other school children. But, can you really believe anything that a child says?

The mother of Nevaeh Buchanan is not out of the woods, yet. Both her and her boyfriend, George, failed their lie detector test.

Carla Elliotte, Nevaeh`S Paternal Grandmother: “Jennifer, if you know anything, you know, please, come on. This has been long enough. We need Nevaeh home.”

Jennifer Buchanan, mother of Nevaeh Buchanan doesn’t even have custody of her daughter. And, she actually first met George while at her parole officer’s, office. It is definitely looking like Jennifer has yet to come clean on what she knows about the disappearance of her daughter. What is she hiding?