Tot Mom, Casey Anthony, went to see the judge today in order to block the release to the public of her infamous meltdown in jail. Just happen to have caught about an hour of the actual court appearance on Court TV this morning. I, also, watched Nancy Grace tonight. Was Nancy on drugs?

The entire legal proceedings were pretty much a joke. For a motion to be accepted by the court, all anybody ever needs is one valid legal reason. You don’t need to spend a lot of time on this issue. The whole thing could have and should have been over in fifteen minutes. Yet, all these lawyers were making a whole bunch of totally unnecessary legal arguments for the benefit of all the cameras.

No way I would say right off the bat is the judge going to risk, having whatever the jury will eventually decide when this case finally goes to trial, being reversed upon appeal; All because Nancy Grace wants to make some more money making fun of Tot Mom on her tabloid journalism HLN show.

As was covered quite clearly on Court TV, the defense objected to Casey’s rights to medical privacy being violated. That alone should have been enough for the judge to have ruled immediately in favor of the defense. But just to make an even bigger spectacle out of all this nonsense the judge is going to allow the press to comment.

Casey must have showed up with at least six lawyers. George and Cindy Anthony were, also, in the very back of the court room. Her new death penalty qualified lawyer, Professor Andrea D. Lyon, was there who has tried more than 130 homicide cases, but was not allowed to address the court. She is currently an associate clinical professor of law and director of the DePaul Center for Justice in Capital Cases and Death Penalty Legal Clinic. Now get this. Andrea has a perfect record of winning life sentences in each of the 19 capital cases that she’s taken through the penalty phase. Will Tot Mom be number 20? That was just one of the many questions asked on Court TV, today. Did Nancy Grace comment on Andrea’s perfect record of winning life sentences tonight?

I was most struck by the appearance of Casey Anthony, herself. Tot mom definitely looked depressed and troubled. She looked perfectly miserable for at least 45 minutes. She didn’t start to smile at all until four of her lawyers got up to address the court, directly in front of the bench. Yes, the reason for her sudden turnaround was pretty typical. A handsome young male lawyer started to talk to her. That was all it took to lighten up Tot Mom’s demeanor. Casey started to smile and make faces. Previously, a couple of older boring female attorneys were sitting right next to her.

Now, what was shown on the Nancy Grace show? It was a video of the smiling Casey. And, it was Leonard Padilla commenting that Tot mom would never commit suicide in jail, because she was so vain. Casey would find some way to fluff her hair just before being executed. Huh? No mention was made of Andrea, her new lawyer, getting her previous 19 clients out of the death penalty. Was Nancy on drugs?