Nevaeh Buchanan an adorable and happy five year old girl suddenly disappears from her home in Monroe, Michigan almost before her mother’s eyes. A registered sex offender, a long time acquaintance of the mother, looks like the most likely suspect at the moment. Within a day, some really gruesome evidence has been turned up by the police on the acquaintance. It is not looking good for Nevaeh.

Jennifer Buchanan, mother of Nevaeh Buchanan went to look for her daughter who was reportedly playing in the street by a playmate when she discovered that Nevaeh had inexplicably gone missing.

The police were quick to act. George Kennedy, a registered sex offender and a friend of Nevaeh`s mom was taken into custody for violating parole because sex offenders are not allowed to come in contact with children.

Jennifer Buchanan, Mother of the Missing Girl stated: “We were friends, and we`ve had contact with each other. But the last time I seen him [ie, George Kennedy, registered sex offender] was, like, four days ago.

He`s had contact with her. She knows who he is. I mean, I`ve known him for two years. Of course, he`s going to come across her one day.”

What was the mother thinking?

The breaking news is that bloody evidence has been turned up on Kennedy. A possible murder weapon with human blood still on it was located. Plus, a bloody pair of shorts and towel were found in George’s motel room.

It is too soon to know for sure, but it is not looking good at all for Nevaeh Buchanan who appears to have been murder shortly after her disappearance by an acquaintance of her mother.

If so, this was no random abduction by a sex predator, but rather a murder by an acquaintance who had known the child for some two years. In other words, what might have happened to Nevaeh was perfectly predictable and should have been expected by any reasonable person.

A cousin reported on Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell yesterday that an argument between Jennifer and Kennedy that took place earlier in the day, could have been what had triggered the abduction.

What was the mother thinking?