The number of children going missing each day that was reported at 2,300 at the Caylee, Haleigh Families Vigil: is bogus! While technically true, it positively does not mean what you think that it does. Actually the correct number is 2,185 which is based upon 1999 data. Nevertheless, their claim that 2,300 people are reported missing nationwide every day is totally misleading.

The only statistic that anyone on these crimes blogs are interested in are reports of child disappearances that rise to the level of Sandra Cantu, a Caylee, or a Haleigh missing child report or what the people who keep these statistics would call a Stereotypical Kidnapping. In 1999, there were a total of just 115 Stereotypical Kidnappings. Forty percent of those abductions resulted in the death of the child. This works out to just one Stereotypical Kidnapping every three days, or one murdered child every eight days on average.

A violent or predatory abduction of a child occurs statistically speaking once for every 10,000 reports of a missing child to the police and missing child authorities. Of the child abduction murders, 57% were committed by a killer who is a stranger to the victim. Only 9% of the child murders were committed by family members. However, murders of young girls five years of age or younger happens to be a bit of an exception. Here 64% of these young female child victims were killed by friends or acquaintances. Of the 46 murdered children in 1999, 74% of them were killed by their abductor within three hours of the abduction.

What about cases that are not resolved? They are a tiny part of a much bigger group called Missing Involuntary, Lost, or Injured children that amount to only 8% of the abduction reports, or 63,800 a year. Which works out to be 175 unaccounted for children a day. This classification is way too broad, however, to be meaningful, as most of outcomes in this group eventually turn out to be pretty benign.

Most of my conclusions for this post came from National Estimates of Missing Children: An Overview