On the day that Haleigh went missing both Misty and Ronald did a pretty decent job of acting. Unlike Casey Anthony they at least initially acted normally. Crystal Sheffield continues to this day to act hysterical over Haleigh still being missing. Unlike Casey, the Cummings were wise enough not to be seen partying too much in public. But, when Misty and Ronald do make a public appearance they never seem to be the least bit upset. Ronald’s public comments about Haleigh now seem to be forced and unnatural. What happened to the Cummings’ great acting skills?

Nothing in Common?

A recent news release, sent by Ronald’s attorneys Greg Kimball and T. Jerry Snider said “the facts relating to the death of Caylee Anthony, which resulted in the first-degree murder charges against Casey Anthony, are in no way similar to Haleigh’s disappearance.”

While Ron is entitled to his opinion, I think that the two cases have a great deal in common. First, they are not stranger abductions. Stranger abductions are fairly easy to solve because in the real world when a stranger enters a mobile home at night they will always leave behind all kinds of forensic trace evidence such as fingerprints, footprints, tire tracks, signs of forced entry, and so on.

That leaves only a family abduction. When a family member did it, it might not be an abduction at all just like what happened to Caylee. The difference between the two cases is that Haleigh has yet to be found and her remains have yet to turn up. If Misty did Haleigh in because just like Casey she was jealous of Haleigh, or saw her as a threat, then that likewise would make Ronald just as big a fool as George and Cindy Anthony are.

Further, I have seen nothing to indicate that Misty and Ronald have come clean with what happened that night back in early February 2009. Doesn’t that make both Misty and Ron a bunch of liars just like Casey Anthony?

Why is Ronald Cummings Hiding?

Looks to me like the Cummings were taking notes on the Caylee Anthony tragedy all along. Unlike Casey, they at least managed to act normally at first. Since then they have tried to stay hidden as much as possible. But, they blew it when they publicly got married. While not engaging in wild partying immediately after Haleigh goes missing was definitely an improvement over Casey, getting married was hardly a wise move on their part.

Casey Anthony was never publicly seen searching for Caylee. Nor, have Misty and Ronald ever put a lot of effort into publicly searching for Haleigh. While Ronald occasionally has made an empty public plea for anybody other than themselves to look for Haleigh both Misty and Ron seem to suddenly have lost all their desire to act like grieving parents.

Just like Casey Anthony, both Misty and Ronald Cummings are currently acting very guilty. Where are they? And, why are they hiding? Trying to stay out of the press as much as possible tells me that Ronald Cummings would like nothing better than for the public to lose all its interest in Haleigh. Out of sight, out of mind as they say. Ron would like nothing better than for all of you to forget about Haleigh so that they can get on with their new life.

What do you have to say to Misty and Ronald Cummings?