Who cares about the Swine Flu? People die from inflenza every year in the thousands so why should anybody care about the Swine Flu? Is the Swine flu just another influenza?

Who cares? You would care, if either you or one of your family members died from this totally unnecessary illness. What would you do if your child or spouse got sick and died from the Swine flu that a lot of people are laughing about?

People who die each year from the influenza are the vulnerable members of our society. Usually they are the very young, the very old, and those who are already sick from something else.

So far there have been six fatalities in the United States. The latest one was an assistent school principal in New York City. While the first one to die was a school teacher working near the border of Mexico. Thank goodness that the husband of the female school teacher that died from complications of the swine flu while eight months pregnant is trying to sue Smithfield Foods because they are operating a massive pig factory farm in Lagloria, Mexico where this particular strain of the flu is believed to have originated.

As first reported by Larry King Live on Monday and then by Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell on Tuesday: Steve Trunnell, whose wife was the first American to die from swine flu, launched a legal action to investigate the operations of the factory farm at ground zero of the Mexican Flu. His wife was eight months pregnant when she got sick from the swine flu, that resulted in a C-section. Also coping with the lost is a little 4-year-old girl who misses dearly her loving mother. The newborn baby daughter will be forced to grow up without the love of her birth mother.

Steve Trunnell is going to have a long road to hoe in court as trying to prove that Smithfield Foods’ operation actually caused this strain of the Swine flu will be next to impossible. But somebody has got to do something about these inhuman factory farms which are reportedly polluting their local communities and causing a large number of the locals to get sick. Their investigations might actually turn up something that Smithfield Foods is trying to hide and force them to clean up the operation of their inhuman factory farm.