Jane Velez-Mitchell went on a rampage last night about Cindy and George Anthony appearing on the Larry King show saying that the parents should shut up because they were not helping their daughter any. Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell started out as a shouting match. All that I wanted to do was yell at Jane, telling her to shut up so that her guest, a former death penalty qualified attorney, could speak.

It was a real zoo atmosphere reminding me of the Real Housewives of New York City Reunion show and of the guest bashing tactics used by Nancy Grace. It was just a horrible show. Here, I wanted to listen to what Terence Lenamon, Casey Anthony`s former death penalty qualified attorney had to say. And, every time Terence started to speak, Jane Velez-Mitchell rudely cut him off from finishing what he was about to say.

On top of that, all of the other guests were shouting at each other. It was a real catfight. Sounded like Jane Velez-Mitchell inexplicably had converted over to a Nancy Grace show format because nothing has been happening with the Haleigh Cummings tragedy. Terence Lenamon wanted to say something. Amazingly Lenamon had no problems keeping his cool. But he had to stay to the second segment before he was allowed to speak freely.

Art Harris reported on the search for Haleigh Cummings. Sadly, there was really nothing new to report. The remainder of Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell went at her normal calm pace. But, far to much of the show was devoted to gossip and other non-breaking news issues for my tastes.