Jane Velez-Mitchell reports that when it comes to the Swine Flu “the bigger issue is the debate over Factory Farming.” Who is looking out for our Health? Has there been a major cover up on the real story behind the pending Pandemic? Issues With Jane Velez-Mitchell reports on what no one else is telling you.

John H. Gohde wants to give Jane Velez-Mitchell his kudos for her reporting on the Swine Flu scare. Not only does Velez-Mitchell consider the Swine Flu as newsworthy as Casey Anthony, but she actually is reporting it from an angle “you will not hear anywhere else.” Jane is actually perceptive enough to have asked where did the Swine Flu come from.

Jane Velez-Mitchell: “A two-year study by the prestigious Pew Commission on the impact of factory farms came out this time last year. It concluded that factory farms pose unacceptable risks to the environment, animal welfare and public health. It recommends to phase out the most intensive and inhuman confinement practices: namely pig gestation crates, veal crates and battery cages.”

Jane has actually identified the root cause of this Swine Flu outbreak from factory pig farming in Mexico.

Jane Velez-Mitchell: “Health officials now believe patient zero is a 5- year-old boy in La Gloria, Mexico. Huge hog farms surround that village. The farm`s owners said there`s no reason to believe the virus is connected to its operations. And though testing at the facilities has been negative, townspeople reportedly suspect their water and their air have been contaminated by hog waste.”

If you were to study the source of most of modern man’s health scourges, you would find that human contact with animals has been the primary root problem. Both swine and bird flu is caused by human contact with animals. More specifically farm workers who raise chickens and pigs catch influenza from sick animals. Since the original source of the disease is an animal rather than a person there is usually little immunity to these new diseases. This is what makes both swine and bird flu so deadly.

Dr. Michael Greger, Director Of Public Health And Animal Agriculture, Humane Society Of The United States: “When thousands of animals are overcrowded together in these cramped [factory farms], football-field-size sheds, nose to nose in their own waste, they`re a breeding ground for disease. Really, the perfect storm environment for the emergence and spread of these new diseases.”

Personally, I do not trust anything grown or raised in Mexico. They do not have the same level of concern for health issues as we do in the United States. I have every reason to believe that factory farming of pigs in Mexico would produce a very large number of animals with Influenza A (H1N1) respiratory disease. It was only a matter of time before the influenza was passed from the sick animals to the human workers who were raising them.

Over and above the animal cruelty and inhuman confinement considerations, factory farming in Mexico is making us sick!

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano should closed down the Mexican – American border, effectively quarantining Mexico until they get the Swine Flu under control. Her current policy of her Customs And Border Agents using Passive Surveillance is seriously threatening the health of our children and senior citizens.