A lot has been going down on the Haleigh Cummings tradegy. An arrest is starting to appear likely as police are expecting that a lead will soon break, on an inside job.

Whew! Things are starting to move pretty fast on this story. Art Harris has reported that the police have ruled out stranger abduction.

We have seen how Misty Croslin and Nay Nay spent the weekend before the disappearance of Haleigh riding around with Greg, collecting money from a prostitute and scoring drugs.

Greg has been out on the lamb hiding from both families who want to do him in from scoring with Misty. Seems to me that both Greg and Nay Nay have strongly suggested that Greg knew who to get money from, and how to get drugs for him and the girls. Gee, wouldn’t the police be interested in busting Greg for scoring drugs, etc, etc?

If Ronald Cummings was clean while he was employed as a crane operator, then he has appeared to have returned to his drug doing ways. Sources are now saying that Ron had pills on him which he gave to Misty’s father allegedly to ease his suffering from a recent car crash. The fool who willing consumed those pills is now claiming that Ron had actually tried to kill him, as he apparently experienced a bad adverse drug reaction to what ever Ron had given him.

Now, if Misty and or Ron were in the habit of taking drugs then that definitely leaves open the possibility that Haleigh Cummings came across some of those pills that had given Misty`s dad so much trouble. That wouldn’t leave much to the imagination as to what might have happen to Haleigh, if that were true.

Nay Nay along with another one of Misty’s friends have been busted for drugs. Looks to me like the police now have more than enough dirt on Ronald Cummings giving drugs to Misty’s dad for them to make an arrest. All that they really need is just one witness to the act.

Want to know what happen to Haleigh? Then follow the drugs. With so much hanging over the heads of these druggies, it is only a matter of time before one of them rats on Misty, or whoever did away with Haleigh. The policy now have a lot to bargain with.