A lot of people around the Haleigh Cummings tradegy have been interviewed. Watching all the videos on YouTube reveals a lot about their body language. Most of the family members, like Teresa Neves, act and look perfectly natural. Something, however, is simply not right with Misty. Does her body language give her away? What do you think is wrong with Misty?

Was Misty scared (Transcript, Video)? ANSWER: No, not at all. But, she was definitely acting very weird. Admittedly the Art Harris video interview made Misty sound strange to begin with because he had edited out the parts where he had asked the questions. So, we do not even know which questions she was responding to, and perhaps failing to answer.

Nevertheless, Misty acted like she was trying to run a hundred yards dash. She barely had time to catch her breath, as she knocked out one answer after another, before she had forgotten what she had memorized. Her demeanor on the video simply did not appear natural.

Misty claimed that Haleigh called her stepmom. Personally, I find it hard to believe that a young child would ever call her babysitter: stepmom. That is simply not the language that a five year old would use, in my opinion.

Misty Croslin: “I love Haleigh more than anything in this world. That was like my baby. They used to call me Stepmom. They’d rather be with me than their own mother.”

Misty’s statement was immediately contradicted by the paternal grandmother.

Teresa Neves: “My babies absolutely loved her, they wanted her to marry Ronald so she could be Mommy. She takes better care of the children than anyone.”

Perhaps, the video editing by Art Harris made it sound worst than it actually was? You can call me crazy. But, I think a young child who allegedly got along very well with her would have called her mommy, or even Misty, rather than stepmom. So, I ask why would Misty want to lie about such a minor issue?

Then there is the earlier Today show video interview. Beyond coming across as extremely young, small, and child like: Misty looked like the cat that swallowed the canary.

Misty made the unbelievable comment that she did not know why she had contradicted herself. But, she agreed that she had contradicted herself.

Also, no mention was made of the children watching movies in separate rooms. Could the bit about movies have been a later embellishment of her story?

Movies can be anywhere between 90 minutes and two hours long. So, if the children went to bed at eight o’clock then the going to bed process would had to have started at around 6. And, what about food? When has Misty ever felt the need to comment on what she feed them that night? If anything, a teenage babysitter would have let Haleigh stay up late.

While admitting that you did not put the children to bed early would make you look like a bad mother. Saying that you let the kids watch their movies late into the night would have sounded more believable. What has come across out of Misty various stories is a rehearsed script that simply does not ring true. Further, her story keeps on getting more embellished each time she repeats it.

So, I ask: Did Misty’s body language give her away?