The more that Cindy and George Anthony talk the more obvious it is where exactly this child of the devil, Casey Anthony, came from. Quite frankly, I do not care how many times Nancy Grace sides with the grandparents. Both Cindy and George Anthony have a lot of explaining do. They owe it to the public. They are guilty of having created the monster called Casey Anthony.

Nancy Grace and her twins, and especially the way she sides with George and Cindy Anthony all the time, absolving them from involvement with the death of Caylee; Quite frankly wants to make me barf!

The media and the American system of jurisprudence which says that taxpayers have to to cough up millions of dollars over this piece of trash called Casey Anthony, because everyone is supposed to be presumed innocent no matter how obviously guilty that they are; Wants to make me barf!

Jose Biaez and his dream team who are trying very hard to get Casey Anthony off so that they can make tons of money and brag just how smart that they are; Wants to make me barf!

Where did Casey Anthony come from?

Casey is an apple that fell not far from the tree of Cindy Anthony. Leonard Padilla with his Cindyisms has been absolutely right all along about the controlling ways of Cindy. Nancy Grace should be taken off the air for attacking Leonard every time he tried to knock Cindy.

We have seen both Cindy and George Anthony be rude and obnoxious during the Zanny the Nanny depositions. Does their behavior remind you of anyone?

Is Cindy Anthony a Liar?

Then we saw the two faced Cindy Anthony be a sweet little angel during her CBS interview.

Cindy Anthony: “A lot of people don`t know, I was there, too. I wrote suicide notes back in July and August. No one knows that.”

Does anybody believe what Cindy is saying? Could Cindy actually be jealous of George for getting all the attention? How could any pathological liar ever contemplate suicide? Does Cindy’s jealousy remind you of anyone?

Cindy Anthony: “She was with her mom. And I believed that, you know, she was with her mom. And I`ve never had a reason not to trust Casey with Caylee. You know, Casey made Caylee her priority. And it was very evident, anybody that ever saw Casey and Caylee together, that Caylee was No. 1 for Casey.

So I never had a reason — I mean, Casey was Caylee`s mom. Casey was Caylee`s mom. Caylee belonged to her. I`m just the grandmother.”

Who could possibly believe this? The more she speaks, the more Cindy’s propensity to lie comes through loud and clear. All of a sudden, Cindy never spoke badly of Casey. All of sudden, the big fight in June never took place. All of a sudden, Cindy never criticized Casey as a mother. Does Cindy’s behavior remind you of any one?

Lying Cindy Spawned Evil Casey Anthony

Is there any doubt in your mind who spawned Casey Anthony? Growing up with the control freak Cindy Anthony is there any doubt that it could not have been any other way?