Breaking news: Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against Casey Anthony. Happy days are here again. The death penalty is no longer off the table. Stunned news reporters still reeling over this breaking news, speculate as to why prosecutors are now seeking the death penalty against Casey.

The good news is that Caylee Anthony may actually get the justice that she deserves, if the obviously guilty Casey Anthony receives the death penalty for killing her own beautiful and innocent three year old child. What would be more deserving of the death penalty, than the worst crime imaginable for any parent? The prosecutors have finally come to their senses.

The bad news is that the Caylee Anthony murder trial is now expected to be delayed for over a year.

The prosecutors and Jose Baez, attorney for Casey Anthony, have been going after each other for quite a while. Could the prosecutors now be seeking the death penalty for the wrong reasons? Out of desperation, could they be going after the death penalty just to prevent Jose Baez from representing Casey? Josey Basez simply does not have the experience required by the Florida bar to defend a death penalty case.

Whoever becomes the lead attorney for Casey is going to be calling all the shots. Personally, I find it hard to believe that any publicity seeking lawyer is going to allow Baez to continue to hog all the press. After all, the entire dream team is supposed to be composed of pro bono lawyers (ie, working for free, for all the publicity that a high profile case would bring to them). While Jose Baez probably will have to be dragged off the case kicking and screaming, he simply is not qualified to defend a death penalty case. So at best, Basez should be expected to fade into the background. While the new yet to be named lead defense attorney could conceivably change the entire Casey defense strategy.

While Leonard Padilla sheepishly suggested on the Nancy Grace show that the prosecutors are trying to get a plea deal out of Casey. Casey wouldn’t admit guilt under any circumstances anymore than Cindy would ever let George wear the pants in the family. The prosecutors just seem not to like Baez very much.