Art Harris’ interview with mystery man Greg, revealed two very plausible motives for somebody doing away with Haleigh Cummings. The interview revealed a dark side to Misty Croslin that the HLN coverage of the Haleigh tragedy has so far failed to convey. Was it possible that Misty was taking notes from Casey Anthony?

I followed Jane Velez-Mitchell’s coverage for two days, before Jane spelled out that the entire Art Harris interview with Gregory Page was available on his blog. Going over Jane Velez-Mitchell’s and Nancy Grace’s coverage of the mystery man Greg, I really cannot understand how so many talk show reporters could have failed to zero in what was really important.

Available both in video as well in text, the interview provided a lot of background information on the important characters in the Haleigh tragedy. But, if you were to jump to the very end of the text you will see that Christina Prevatt, 18, the person who allegedly threw a “a three-day party of sex, cocaine, pot, and pills” during the weekend immediately before Haleigh disappeared from under Misty’s watch; does a very good job of spelling out two possible motives for somebody wanting to do away with Haleigh.


Motives for Doing in Haleigh Cummings

Motive 1: Haleigh had a bad habit of blabbing about Misty’s Vistors

Imagine if you were a rival suitor trying to court Misty while Ronald was at work.

Christina Prevatt: “I just know when she’s with the kids, I can’t hang out with her because Haleigh would tell Ronald Nay Nay was there and he’d get mad.”

In other words, Haleigh was in the way of anybody trying to dally with Misty.

Motive 2-Misty Wanted Her Own Baby With Ronald Cummings

Now, imagine that Misty Croslin was someone obsessed with marrying Ronald Cummings and having her own baby with him. And, had been trying to force Ron into marrying her by claiming that she was pregnant.

Christina Prevatt: “Misty was apparently ambivalent about her breakup with Ronald, couldn’t shake his spell. ‘She told me she loved him because he gave her what she wanted, and she wanted a baby.’”

“Prevatt says Misty can be two-faced, ‘pretending she’s a friend, but now she won’t talk to me.”

“Haleigh was cute, just like any other little kid. Misty said she felt like their Mom, but she wanted her own baby from Ronald”

What if Misty had a dark side, which just like Casey Anthony, saw Haleigh as a threat which stood in the way of Ronald Cummings marrying and giving her a baby? What if Misty was nothing but a two-faced seventeen old that would stop at nothing to get exactly what she wanted?