Lee Anthony, What is going on is going to be found out. We are all done with that. Nor, are we going to go around and around with you on this anymore. Lee Anthony, what ever is going on is going to be found out. We are going to find out. Why not come clean now?

Lee Anthony started out appearing as the only sane member of the Casey Anthony family. He initially acted like he had had it with his own sister. Then he went weird on us with his CMA coded messages. And, actually testified favorably about Casey under oath during the Zanny the Nanny Depositions.

Lee Anthony: “To this day, I believe everything that my sister tells me.”

Jane Velez-Mitchell, however, yesterday on her show disclosed a bombshell. Lee Anthony’s testimony that he previously had made under oath that he believes everything that Casey Anthony tells him, can now be impeached. Which opens up the door for perjury charges to me filed against Lee Anthony.

Anthony Lazarro, an ex-boyfriend of Casey, participated in a police sting operation which caught Lee Anthony spilling the beans on his sister Casey on video.

Lee Anthony: “I don`t know if I can believe what she`s saying, you know? … I don`t know if I should talk to you about this, … My sister has, since middle school and high school, really, she`s always been — if she`s deceitful, she`s doing it for — you know, I can`t say that. I`m trying to think, does really she do it only to better herself, or does she just say white lies just to do it? I`m really trying to think now. Because sometimes it seems like she lies just to lie.”

Lee Anthony, what is your problem? Ex-boyfriend Jesse Grund said it even better back in July 2008.

“We can all tell, for the last couple of years, is that Casey is an effective liar. I would describe it as diabolical the way she lies.”