Greg told his side of the story in an interview with investigative journalist Art Harris. Greg says that it was no big deal. Misty did pills called Roxies. It was not love, or anything like that. Just a hookup.

According to Greg it was just a hookup, and no big deal.

Hookup: You know engaging in sex as a sport, popping illegal pills like they were candy, having fun and partying. The stuff that every normal 17 year old girl apparently does living in Florida.

T.J. Hart, Program News Director, Wsky (Via Telephone) said “There are a lot of people … saying that the little lady did have a little bit of an affinity for drugs on a recreational basis.”

Greg Page told Art Harris that Misty took Roxies over the weekend, which was no big deal for a seventeen year old girl, that still looked and acted like a child. Roxies are supposed to be some type of a narcotic pain killer in pill form. It usually refers to Roxicet which contains acetaminophen and Oxycodone. Some street users crush and snort them in order to get high faster.

If Misty Croslin was stoned on Roxies, just having a little fun, then is it any wonder that she never heard anything? So, if Greg had been supplying Misty with Roxies then as a previous caller to the Jane Velez-Mitchell show suggested weeks ago. Greg could have slipped Misty almost anything. The little fool would gladly have taken it and fallen asleep. That would have given Greg plenty of opportunity to take off with Haleigh, had he been in a mind to do so. But, of course, Greg Page claims that he was not there the night that Haleigh disappeared. That would still leave what could have been Greg’s motive for taking Haleigh. Need more specifics than just drug related. Did Greg have any pedafilia inclinations beyond Haleigh?

Now if Crystal Sheffield, the birth mother, can not get custody of Haleigh’s brother because Ron knowingly let an irresponsible recreational drug user lose Haleigh then strike it up as another win for the Florida Department of Children and Family Services. Ronald obviously had more important things to do, like help build bridges, that night than look responsibly after his own children. After all, children simply disappear all the time in Florida. It could have happen to anybody. Ron says, that Haleigh just up and disappeared. Weeks later, he still cannot explain why and really does not want to talk about it anymore.