The writing is on the wall. Casey Anthony who knows how to spend other people’s money is going to walk when she goes to trial in October. Her dream team is going to make sure that she either is not convicted or gets off on a mistrial.

A caller on yesterday’s Jane Velez-Mitchell show has convinced me, that Casey Anthony is going to walk thanks to her dream team.

Caller: “After all the discovery that`s been released so far, I can`t send this girl away for life on laughing at the wrong time, or crying at the wrong time and taking some racy photos.

Thank you.”

In today’s society, telling the truth and doing the right thing is for the little people. The first thing that Casey’s dream team is going to do during the trial in October is to select the jury. All that the dream team has to do in order to win the murder trial is to get at least one Bozo on the jury who will holdout because the prosecution did not provide perfect CSI proof.

Casey Anthony is actually starting to like prison life. She gets to stay in her room all day, spending others people’s money, getting fat on snack food. Heck, she does not even have to steal from her family anymore. There happens to be plenty of people out there, who actually think that Casey is innocent. Or, should I say: Fail to think?

Just like the above caller stated, in today’s world, in order to get away with murder all anybody needs is a couple of dim wits on the jury who are just as screwed up as Casey is. Then once the jury is seated, Casey’s dream team will introduce enough doubt to assure that Casey walks away from the obvious murder of her own innocent child. When you have the tabloid media, you don’t even need to have money. The only thing required is an interesting personality, being flirtatious, living a screwed up non-stop fun lifestyle, with a strong desire to party every day.