Have we been wrongly concerned all along about the inconsistencies of Misty Croslin’s stories, while we gave a pass to Crystal Sheffield? Back on February 23rd, we first heard about Haleigh’s younger brother being able to identify her abductor. Back then, Joe, Misty’s cousin from Tennessee, was the real person of interest. Connie and Crystal Sheffield were the first to comment that a man in black took her. Were they lying all along?

Times have changed. Today, Greg thanks to the custody shenanigans of Crystal has become the real person of interest.

Kim Picazio, Attorney pro bono For Crystal Sheffield got William “Cobra” Stoubs, Bounty Hunter, to allegedly snoop around doing what the police were totally unable to do: Turned up a mystery person of interest called Greg who has all the answers about what happened to Haleigh. But, as it turns out:

Ron Cummings` lawyers were the first to release the full name of somebody [that] they claim they were told the authorities might be interested in contacting. They said, quote, ‘This office received information on March 25th, 2009 from an individual employed by a client of ours identifying Gregory Lewis Page as someone the police would be interested in contacting.'”

Perhaps, you also did not immediately get the “real” connection Greg had to Haleigh?

Crystal Sheffield: “And I asked him about it. And I was like, what about the black — the person dressed in black. He said it was a black man dressed in black and he had squeaky shoes, and the couch was bouncing. And that`s just what he told me. And I`m not lying, and I have no reason to lie.”

Could it be that the dallying connection was not originally apparent because Haleigh’s mother never quite said it that way before?

I was always: “When I seen him on my visitation, all he said was, I want to find my sissy, and he said something about somebody in black took her.”

And, …

“Yes. He — when I got him for my visitation, the first thing he said to me was, Mommy, I want to find my sissy. And he — I didn`t question him about none of it. And he was, like, Somebody come in, they was all dressed in black, and took my sissy.”

Now in the mist of a custody battle and a clear motive, the inconsistencies with Crystal Sheffield’s stories are becoming more apparent.

That could be why Ronald Cummings said that: “This is some of the garbage that Crystal, the mother, has made up.”

Yet according to Corba:

“Ron was convinced now, beyond any question of doubt, that she was not there. She wasn`t home, bro. She was out (EXPLETIVE DELETED) very possibly with (EXPLETIVE DELETED) again.”

“They claim she coached Haleigh`s little brother into saying he saw a man in black take her. But wouldn`t they want any lead to be taken seriously?”

Who do you believe?

Why would Greg, who has a drug rap sheet as long as Haleigh’s father has, conspire along with Misty to take Haleigh in revenge for a drug deal that went bad? Looks like Greg was just as much a drug informant, as Ronald was. So, where is there a drug supply connection? Was the breakthrough reported back in February about Haleigh being taken by a man in black a total fabrication of Crystal Sheffield? Why would Ronald’s own lawyers bring up Greg, if he had nothing to do with Haleigh’s disappearance? What is the “real” connection that Greg had with Haleigh?