The latest edition of the Anthony family saga gets more unbelievable than ever. Cindy, George, and Lee Anthony must be the biggest bunch of saps on the planet. Casey has thrown them under the bus over and over again, now they are standing inline for more. Telling Casey that she is the boss.

What could be worst than stealing checks from your own Granny?

Velez-Mitchell: “Casey`s material grandmother, Shirley Plesea, told cops that, in addition to stealing checks from Granny, her seething granddaughter stole herself $45,000 from Cindy and George, nearly causing them to lose their house.”

I mean really! What would your parents do to you, if you ever dared steal $45,000 from them? What could be worst than stealing money from your own family?

The elderly Shirley said that she felt Casey should have gotten beaten up in jail, so that she would finally come clean with the truth. Beaten Up? Gee, don’t child abusers usual end up getting their brains smashed out with a broom stick? Or, even set on fire?

You are suppose to tell a child that you love them, but you do not like what they have done. Most normal people would tell an adult that you plain just don’t like them for murdering a beautiful 3-year-old innocent child, even if they are family. Unless of course; you are Cindy, George, or Lee Anthony. Then you just tell Casey, that she is still the boss!