Octo-mom, Nadya Suleman, for being a total screw up has been rewarded over and over again. A nice new house, money, and the attention of the news media for doing all the wrong things. Will the new Octomom ever get what she actually deserves?

Nobody cares about helping out struggling hard working parents responsibly raising their children. But, wait for the next enterprising professional single mom screw-up to come along, and the public cannot give them money fast enough.

The proud mother of the octuplets says that she has actually earned her $600,000+ house. I have no doubt, whatsoever, that this little entrepreneurial mother of six planned from the beginning, how she could rake in the big bucks. Grandma, instead of getting all uppity all the time, should realize who has all the brains in her family.

This undeserving mother was actually receiving around-the-clock child care valued at $135,000 a month from Angles in Waiting. Nadya Suleman has her standards after all, so she fired them. Mom was of the opinion that she deserved better. God will provide the way, she likes to say.

How on earth is Octo-mom going to care for her octuplets? Why her book and movie deal is obviously just around the corner. This enterprising mother will probably end up a multimillionaire before it is all over, with her child care being provided for free by some organization that knows how to kiss up to Octomom.

Do not be surprised if Nadya Suleman becomes a college professor teaching the next generation of Octo-moms.