Richardson died Wednesday March 18th, 2009 at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan 45 years old after falling at the Mont Tremblant resort in Quebec on Monday. On Thursday, the New York City medical examiner’s office ruled that the actress died of an epidural hematoma due to blunt impact to the head.

The actress, mother, and wife of Liam Neeson was learning how to ski at the Mont Tremblant resort, in Quebec, Canada; while her husband filmed a shoot in Toronto.

While the reports say that Natasha experienced a minor fall on a beginner’s slope in soft snow, it must have been a much bigger mishap. An ambulance was immediately called to the scene. And, Richardson stopped skiing entirely and went inside with her ski instructor. That indicates to me more than a minor tumble. Unfortunately, the paramedic team sent to help Richardson minutes after her fall at Mont Tremblant ski resort was turned away and did not have a chance to check her injury.

Natasha experienced what is called a “talk and die” syndrome. She did not lose consciousness, was up and about, acting normally, but developed a severe headache one hour later. A second ambulance was then sent to the resort. Natasha was taken to a small hospital about 20 minutes from the resort. But, that hospital was not equipped to treat trauma cases. So, she must have been comatose at that point. A few hours later, Richardson was taken by ambulance to a much larger better equipped hospital, Hôpital du Sacre-Coeur de Montreal, about 90 minutes away.

On Tuesday afternoon, she was flown to New York and taken to Lenox Hill Hospital, reportedly for the benefit of her two sons, Micheal, 13, and Daniel, 12, and family where she died the next day when she was taken off life support.

Epidural hematoma is reported to be treatable, provided that patients are operated on very early when they are still conscious. It was entirely possible that Natasha Richardson had some type of an underlying health problem, such as an undiagnosed aneurysm, that either caused to her to fall in the first place, or made her unusually vulnerable to a blood vessel rupturing from a minor tumble. And, from studying the logistics of all her moving around, Natasha was as much a victim of being isolated away from civilization and a fully equipped hospital; as anything else.

Both Natasha Richardson and Liam Neeson were in the film “Nell” together with Jodie Foster. As well as in a number of other movies such as “Parent Trap,” and “Maid in Manhattan.” She came from a large family of actors. And, was best known for acting on Broadway.