Nancy Grace did a live interview with Ronald Cummings. For once the background lighting of the live video of Ronald Cummings and Teresa Neves was very dark making it at least believable that the interview was taking place at 8 pm. Ronald’s comments were characteristically short and abrupt. But, he did managed to make a few important revelations.

The interview as conducted by Nancy was pretty much a comedy of errors.

It started off with grilling Ron about why Misty Croslin choose to use the bathroom out by the kitchen rather than the one in the master bedroom.

Ronald Cummings answered characteristically : “I don`t know, Ms. Nancy. I`ve never really heard that side of the story, to be honest with you.”

Nancy’s panel of experts likewise were totally unable to shed any important insight into the biggest non-question of the century. Mary, Caller From Kentucky, however, was able to provide the obvious answer. Misty was simply trying not to awaken Haleigh who she automatically had assumed was still in the bedroom with her. Rather than be an inconsistency, her bathroom comment suggests that Misty was telling the truth. For if Haleigh had already been dead then there was no reason for Misty not to have used the master bedroom toilet. The fact that Misty’s bathroom comment should have cleared her of committing the crime was missed by Nancy Grace, as usual.

During Nancy’s walk through of the Cummings mobile home what struck me the most about the master bedroom bathroom was that there did not appear to be a bathroom door. It looked like it was wide open, perhaps as a cost saving measure which is so common in mobile homes. So, there could have also been a privacy issue.

If Nancy Grace is so involved with the raising of her twins then why in the world was she grilling Ron about Misty Croslin’s choice of bathrooms?

Ron finally managed to reveal that he claimed to have personally replaced all the locks to the doors by purchasing them at Walmart. Further, that the previous tenants to their house was the mother and father of a local Reverend that allegedly were deceased.

Beyond that Barbara, Caller From Massachusetts, offered the most likely crime scene scenario. One of the visitors with Misty that day could have unlocked the deadbolt, slipped her a sedative, left the house, and came back later and gone in and took the child. That scenario makes more sense than anything being offer offered by Nancy. Certainly blaming everything on the inconsistencies raised by Misty’s choice of bathrooms is absolutely ludicrous.