Ronald Cummings and Misty Croslin are now officially engaged and may actually get married within a few days. Many are shocked by this sudden turn of events. Nancy Grace relegated this story to the very end of her show, but managed to put the most negative spin on it imaginable.

Well it looks like the Cummings family has finally managed to create some drama in their life. While this type of tragedy usually succeeds in irreparably breaking marriages apart, this couple has inexplicable decided to marry over it. Ronald Cummings has gone from calling Misty the “B” word on February 10th to proposing to her in a nice restaurant on his knees last Sunday.

Their marriage plans does raise a lot of red flags. How could a couple think of marriage at a time like this unless they somehow wanted to get rid of Haleigh all along? Now that Haleigh is out of their lives, perhaps they finally feel free to marry?

What did Nancy Grace think about all this? Seems that she thought right off that they must be trying to avoid testifying against each other in court.

Nancy Grace: “To you, Ray Giudice, according to Florida statute, all the naysayers are wrong, because they`re getting married does not mean they can`t testify against each other at trial?”

According to the happy couple, they are only actualizing what Haleigh always wanted to happen: For Misty to become Haleigh’s mother. One can only wonder what Crystal Sheffield, birth mother of Haleigh, thinks about Misty becoming Haleigh’s real mother? If the couple’s recent public comments don’t create friction between the two families, nothing will.