Haleigh Cummings, the missing 5-Yr-Old girl from Satsuma, Florida failed to attract a following anywhere near what was achieved by Caylee and Casey Anthony. It has been only a few weeks since the girl went missing on February 10, 2009. The public’s interest in the Haleigh cold case is at an all time low. While the Anthony saga has continued to capture the interest of the public for nearly a year.

Haleigh Cummings and Caylee Anthony shared a lot in common. They both were young white attractive females. Even their names phonetically sounded similar. So, why has the interest in these two seemingly similar tragedies been so vastly different?

In television sex, drugs and family turmoil get high viewer ratings, while the public education channel continues to put people to sleep.

The Caylee Anthony tragedy started out full of family turmoil. Cindy Anthony effectively turned her own daughter in when she hysterically reported that her granddaughter had been missing for a month. And who could forget Cindy saying that the trunk of her daughter’s car smelled like a dead body had been in it?

The public immediately had a villain in Casey Anthony to dump upon, who simply never acted like a normal mother grieving from the lost of her child. Casey’s life was full of scandal, sex, boyfriends, and family drama right from day one. The public was just as much interested in how Casey could have actually fooled her parents into believing that she had an imaginary job for two years, as they were in the disappearance of Caylee. The name of Caylee’s father likewise was just as big a mystery. Results of the Orlando, Florida crime investigations were being routinely released to the public, full of drama. Furthermore, her wild lifestyle soon became well known to the public thanks to the scandalous photos of Casey partying.

The rest of Casey’s family: Cindy, George, and Lee were likewise totally dysfunctional and full of drama. They never fully cooperated with the police. Nor, did they interact well with the public. New drama was taking place on a daily basis at the Anthony compound.

Contrast that with the boring Cummings family. They were an economically poorer family who walked around in a daze all the time, as if they were half asleep. Whose idea of fun was coming home from work, getting drunk, smoking cigarettes and perhaps even pot. They even lived in a trailer park, and slept on mattresses lying on the floor.

The family of Haleigh fatally failed to immediately release a large number of family photographs and videos to the news media. Worst than that, they actually cooperated with the police. How boring? There is no drama and conflict to cover there. Despite the fact that the mother and father were divorced, the entire extended family got along remarkably well with each other, actually camping out in tents only a few apart. Amazingly, Haleigh’s natural mother Crystal Sheffield never visibly got mad at her X-husband’s live in girlfriend, Misty Croslin. Where is the family turmoil in that? A little family drama going on a daily basis would have captured the attention of the public. The public was looking for family conflict. Instead they got a bunch of zombies walking around totally devoid of personality. The only remotely interesting character in the bunch of them was the father Ronald Cummings who suffered from a rather limited vocabulary. Heck, the family never even lawyered up.

Just as inexplicably the sexual escapades of the father shacking up with an underage 17 year old teenager received little to no tabloid news coverage. Had they been doing it in another state, Nancy Grace would have been all over Ronald on that issue alone.

The real death blow to the public’s interest in the Haleigh Cummings tragedy came from the tactic of the local Satsuma police not releasing any information whatsoever to the public. Why did the Cummings family even bother to take a polygraph test, if the police had absolutely no intention of clearing them?

Let us face it, the tabloid news coverage was just plain boring. There was no family conflict and drama going for the public to tune in for on a daily basis. No new information was being released by the police. All the females, like Teresa Neves, looked bored, and were just plain boring to watch. No drama or conflict of any kind is the kiss of death in the tabloid news business.